What follows is a story about accomplishing your dreams. A few years ago I was doing yoga intensively. For my ashtanga classes I bought a heavy yoga mat, but I had nothing to easily take them to class. I like to be creative and hence I tried to make something myself: my first yoga bow was born! As a counterweight to the ashtanga I also did yin yoga and for this I needed an eye pillow. My sewing machine offered the solution again! Because I liked making the eye pillows, I immediately made a bunch of them. I took them to my yoga class and soon my fellow yogis asked if I wanted to make one for them too. The seed was planted and an idea began to grow slowly!

There was more and more interest, I made more yoga bows and eye pillows and sold them to my fellow students. Everybody was excited! I made a website, searched for a name, yes, YogaThings was born, I made business cards, … But then I came to the point that I wanted to take it more seriously and that meant that I had to register myself as an entrepreneur. And then the voices started in my head: Oh, it’s all too much work, your products are not that great, who would want to buy them, …? You probably have those voices too … but unfortunately, I listened to them and I let my dream quietly go.

A few years later, after I became 40, life questions began to pop up. Is this what I want? What do I want to do with the second half of my life? I felt like missing out on life! It took quite a while, but suddenly all the puzzle pieces fell together and I could not get around it anymore! I would get my old dream back out of the dust, I would make something great of YogaThings! This time I would no longer listen to the voices in my head (which, by the way, are still, be sure). I am already packed with lots of ideas and having a lot of fun! I am very curious about what this story will lead to, but either way, I plan on enjoying every step of it!


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