Let’s be honest, how much do you clean your yoga mat? Well, regardless of what style of yoga you practice, where you practice or how often you practice, it’s always necessary and rejuvenating to clean your yoga mats. Trust me, you do not want to know what lives on your yoga mat if you don’t clean it regularly. You can purchase yoga mat cleaner sprays, or you can make your own yoga mat cleaner at home with a few simple and inexpensive ingredients.

But why would you take the extra effort to make your own yoga mat spray with essential oils?

  1. It’s more cost effective over time.
  2. You can choose your own combination of essential oil.
  3. It’s just cool to make your own.
  4. It’s nice to know what is being used on your mat (and body) & where it came from.
  5. It’s also great as a gift!
  6. It is not only great for cleaning your mat, but it’s also a very powerful aromatic tool to enhance your physical and emotional well-being before or after your practice!

Convinced? Okay, let’s get going!

You will need:

  • Small glass spray bottle (2 – 4 ounces will do).
  • Distilled or spring water (3/4 of the spray bottle).
  • Witch hazel (1/4 of the spray bottle).
  • 4 drops of tea tree oil for it’s antibacterial and antifungal properties.*
  • 2 drops of  your favorite essential oil.*

*Adjust the amount of essential oils based on the size of your spray bottle.

Essential oils which would be great:

  • Lemon(grass): uplifting and revitalizing
  • Eucalyptus: antibacterial, helps with clear and deep breathing
  • Peppermint: uplifting and revitalizing
  • Lavender: calming and relaxing

If you don’t like tea trea oil, just use one of the other oils. If you like lavender very much, just add a few drops extra. Just play around with it until you find your perfect combination.

How to make and use it:

  • Just gather all the ingredients
  • Mix in the spray bottle and shake well
  • Spray your mat
  • Then, wipe down your mat with a damp cloth.
  • Repeat on the other side, and allow your mat to dry for 5-10 minutes before rolling it up for storage.
  • Repeat this process each time you use your mat for a clean and fresh mat that is free of germs and dirt.

Making your own DIY yoga mat cleaner spray is easy! It’s also a safe, effective, and natural way to keep your yoga mat clean and cared for, and help you avoid germs so you can stay healthy.

How do you clean your yoga mat? Share your DIY mat cleaner recipes in the comments!



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