I wanted to let you all know that I have closed down my YogaThings webshop and etsy shop. I started this adventure a couple of years ago and I have learned a lot from it. But lately I felt that my heart wasn’t in it anymore.

So I have decided to let go of YogaThings and focus more on my webdesign business Springweb.be (besides my regular dayjob).

The remaining stock is going to go to a good cause. Thanks Anouk Prop for taking care of this! If you would like to know more and support the cause as well, you can find more info here: https://yoga-gives-back.networkforgood.com/…/27975-anouk-pr… .

I would like to thank everybody for supporting my business and if you ever need any help with a website, you can find me at Springweb!


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